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When Your Business Needs to Hire a Digital Agency

By October 23, 2014 No Comments

Unless you’re a designer, writer, animator CSS, HTML, and PHP coding guru, you’ll likely need to hire someone to manage your website and your online presence in order to market your company. The profitable outcome of your digital marketing comes down to one question: who do you hire?

There are a lot of talented, freelance individuals available for work in the design, programming, and digital marketing industry.  Those freelancers come with advantages:

  • They are typically less expensive than hiring a fully staffed agency.
  • You can usually find someone who is willing to start on your project right away.
  • You may be able to work directly with the person who will be working on your project.

You can hire an individual to build your company’s website, you can get a social media expert to manage your social presence online, and you can hire a video expert to create an awesome video to promote your business.  However, at the end of the day, hiring separate freelancers, to setup your online presence, will be less effective if you do not have a single driving force with a comprehensive plan for using your website, social media, video, and other online digital marketing assets to meet set goals.  Goals such as: increasing sales and generating leads.

The website for your business should engage your potential customers. Your business’ social media accounts needs to maintain your brand presence and push traffic to your website. Paid advertising should be used to generate website visitors, and you can optimize your advertising by remarketing to the people who have visited your website in the past. That type of coordinated effort requires a team of people, with a broad range of disciplines.

When you work with an agency you are working with a group of individuals who have a varied set of disciplines. For example, Sipep Design has a team that specializes in marketing & digital content, programming, coding, and graphic design.  If a client approaches our agency wanting to sell more widgets on their website, we can develop a strategy that uses the customer’s website, social media pages, paid advertising, and other digital assets. That strategy, which encompasses their entire web based marketing assets, would be part of a comprehensive plan to market to their customer base and generate a sale or lead.

While you may find the initial expense of using a freelance designer more affordable, the long-term benefits of working with an agency exceed that additional cost. A digital agency will recommend what is needed overall to be successful.  Whereas a contractor, who provides social media services, is likely to always only recommend social media over paid advertising.  Engaging with an agency will provide your company a strategy and it could be just the breakthrough your company has been seeking.