Social Media Trend: Facebook Featured Videos

By January 29, 2015 No Comments

For some people, keeping pace with social media trends is about as seductive as gathering lint from the dryer screen. But, while both are necessary, it’s staying on top of social media changes that ultimately influences how a business experiences value in online marketing. That’s why we wanted to tap in to one of the latest updates on the Facebook platform – Featured Videos – and provide you with a closer look at how it works.

What are Facebook Featured Videos?

In short, Facebook now allows Business Pages to upload a main video directly to their homepage. It displays on the left side of the page, so that every visitor has the opportunity to see and watch the video right away. With Facebook garnering more than one billion video views per day, Featured Videos have become an essential part of the social media trends hierarchy. Not to mention, they serve as an ultra-valuable tool for any business with a Facebook presence.

How it works:

On the homepage of your Facebook Business Page, click on the “Videos” tab near the top. If you haven’t already uploaded videos, then you will need to do that first. Simply navigate to the box labeled “All Videos,” and click on the “Add Video” button.

Next, click on the “Add Featured Video” button and select the video that you want to appear on your homepage. Just upload, and you should see it display on the left side of the homepage.

In addition to Facebook Featured Videos, you also have the option to create video playlists (an option located directly under Featured Videos on your “Videos” tab). If you have multiple videos that you want to use on Facebook, then we recommend using the playlists feature to organize your videos by category. This will allow Facebook users (even those who don’t already “like” your page) to find your videos when they do a search for phrases that you include in your video titles and descriptions (which you should be filling out, by the way). It’s a great way to extend your reach to new audiences, and businesses that use the Facebook video player are already seeing significantly better results compared to YouTube.

With Facebook Featured Videos, businesses have an undeniable opportunity to leverage exciting visual media where their customers already exist and within a network that hosts millions of curious, video-loving visitors. Facebook is currently rolling out Featured Video, and most businesses should see the options on their page at any time, if not already.

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