The Right Solution for Long-term Objectives

When you establish a digital services retainer agreement with Sipep Design, you allow your business the opportunity to continue on its path toward digital transformation. With single source accountability, we serve as your go-to digital consultant for developing a bulletproof digital strategy, tracking its progress, and meeting long-term business goals.

Sipep Design enables businesses to make big plans for the future by building relationships and delivering astonishing results over time.

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Month-to-Month Retainers

Businesses are investing in digital services more than ever before, and they depend on digital consultants to drive the transformation. Sipep Design makes it easy for companies to invest in the process with month-to-month retainer agreements. No long-term contracts here; just ongoing digital services from a partner who gets to know you, your business, and your goals – ultimately, becoming a part of your organization.

Comparison Shopping: Hourly Rates vs. Retainer Rates

While hourly rates are available for smaller projects, our retainer rates for ongoing digital services are an excellent value. The time it takes to transform from legacy operations to a digital environment can be considerable, which is why Sipep Design offers discounted rates to clients engaging in its month-to-month retainer agreements.

Ready for the Digital Transformation?

If your company is looking to increase sales, develop more customer-focused services, streamline digital operations across departments or take more of the business online, then it is time to join the digital era. Your customers are already there, and your competitors may be, too!

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