Better SEO Results By Working With Google

By August 22, 2014 No Comments

When you hear the words SEO, you might think it is the art of tricking Google into placing your business higher in the search engines. Good SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is the development and execution of a successful publishing and content strategy.

If you stop saying, “How can I rank higher in the search engines?” and start thinking “How can I provide quality and relevant information?” your business will be much better off. Better off because you will be working with Google, instead of against them.

Google”s main goal is to provide quality search results to its users. If you create quality and relevant information, Google is going to want to direct its users to your website. Google”s ability to provide quality and relevant information is what keeps people coming back to Google, and allows Google to have an audience to advertise and offer services to. If you provided quality and relevant content you are almost like Google”s business partner. Wouldn”t we all like a business partner as big as Google?

Are you taking short cuts by artificially creating back-links, publishing poor content and generally doing anything that causes Google to provide low quality irrelevant content to its users?

If so you are going against Google, long term this is a fight you are going to lose. If you manipulate your content and get your site ranked on page one and Google doesn”t catch your manipulating tricks right away, they eventually will, and once they do you will be putatively punished or even banned from Google”s search engine results.

Google uses a very complex algorithm with many variables. There is certainly more you can do to refine your companies Search Engine Optimization strategy, but simply publishing quality and relevant content gets you to the 90% mark. It puts your company on a much better long term path then approaching SEO by trying to get short term results through manipulating Google.