4 Great Social Media Designs

By October 15, 2014 No Comments


Mama Rosie’s Facebook banner consists of Mama Rosie’s iconic logo as the main profile photo.  The banner consists of two photos of recipes that Sipep Design prepared and photographed for Mama Rosie’s as well as a photo of their heat and eat lasagna.  The wheat in the background, which is a common ingredient in all of Mama Rosie’s pasta products, brings the entire design together.  We manage Mama Rosie’s social media so be sure to check out the delicious work we are doing for Mama Rosie’s pasta on their Facebook page.


Peter Fuller Rental & Pre-owned Facebook page is just plain fun, but its also informative.  You quickly know what Peter Fuller Rental & Pre-owned offers and both facility locations as well as the contact number are listed on the Facebook banner.  Peter Fuller Rental & Pre-owned is a family owned car rental and van rental company with location in Watertown and Waltham Massachusetts.  Check out what we are doing for them on


Cherny Law’s Facebook page is a continuation of the website design that we did for his law firm  You’ll find the same colors, branding and smiling face on Cherny Law’s Facebook page as you will his website.  Cherny Law’s Facebook banner is both a marketing piece and makes contact information quickly available.


Incredible Event’s Facebook banner is a collage showing you visually all of the services Incredible Events has to offer.  The design of their Facebook banner matches the branding on their website  We manage Incredible Events social media on an ongoing basis and if you want to see more of the fun we are helping Incredible Events spread then check out their Facebook page