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Just When We Get Comfortable with Instagram, This Happens

By March 21, 2016 No Comments

Last month, we wrote about the incredible benefits of Instagram as part of a social media strategy. And true to form (social media is always changing), last week there was a major shift on the platform: Instagram now uses an algorithm to show posts, instead of showing them in chronological order. The world will never be the same.

O.k. perhaps that is a bit dramatic, but now that Instagram feeds show posts just like Facebook does (not surprising, as Facebook owns Instagram), businesses lose the advantages they used to have with Instagram, mainly better reach and engagement.

Instead of users seeing posts in the order they were published, now they will see the posts they “care about the most,” according to an Instagram announcement. Per Instagram, their users miss on average about 70 percent of their feeds. Hence, the switch to an algorithm that favors the user experience.

What does the new Instagram algorithm mean for your business?

The new Instagram algorithm means that your organic posts are not going to be seen by as much of your audience. Consequently, this means you will have to advertise on Instagram to try increasing your reach and engagement. For some of you, that means taking another look at your current social media strategy.

If the Instagram platform has been helpful up until now, then chances are you will have success with advertising, too. If you haven’t tried out the platform yet, then you may want to read why Instagram is a big deal in the first place. Your business may or may not benefit from posting here, as the audience leans toward younger generations.

The bright side to the Instagram algorithm change? The user experience will improve, more people may join because of it, and the targeted users that do see your posts may be more valuable to you than those you catch in a wide net but with varied interests in your products and services.

To talk about using Instagram for your business or to review your social media strategy, give us a shout. We’re here to help.