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New Local Search Opportunities with Google Maps’ Promoted Places

By January 3, 2017 No Comments
Google Maps and In-app Local Search Ads

Do you know you can integrate Google AdWords with Google Maps to promote current specials, or advertise products and services, to users near your location? It’s called Promoted Places, and it can help you take advantage of local search opportunities to bring in more foot traffic.

Show Me What It Looks Like

Let’s say you run a local fitness center, and you want to increase membership. Through Promoted Places, which essentially means combining your Google AdWords account and your Google My Business page (you do have it set up, right?), you can create a local search ad that promotes a membership special anytime a user clicks your location in Google Maps. Because the user is nearby, you have access to new local search opportunities that can increase your business exposure and the chances of attracting new members.

Businesses who depend on store visits for conversions will love this new feature, especially knowing nearly a third of mobile searches are location-related. If mobile users are using Google Maps anyway (the app has reached 1 billion users), then it also makes sense to put your business in front of them.

According to Google AdWords, three prominent retailers are already using Promoted Places: Walgreens, MAC Cosmetics, and Starbucks.

Google Maps App Showing Promoted Places Local Search Ads

Retailers are using Promoted Places to increase local search to store conversions.

Promoted Places and Pins

Last summer, Google announced the new Promoted Pins on the Maps app, which allows businesses to add a logo to their map location. This can help the location stand out on the map and drive awareness among Maps users.

Now with Promoted Places, businesses can extend their local search efforts to in-app advertisements. So whether you’re trying to entice mobile users with a hot cup of coffee on their way to the train, or a new piece of furniture at newly discounted prices, all you have to do is enable Google AdWords to do the selling for you.

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