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3 Ways to Distinguish Your Product from a Commodity

By January 13, 2016 No Comments

Your product is not special.

But it can be, if you know how to present your product in a way that distinguishes it from a commodity.

In fact, digital marketing offers more opportunities than ever before to reach consumers with distinctive product messaging, through social media, content marketing, and pay-per-click advertising, just to name a few channels.

But the channels are not the only consideration. In order to convert casual browsers into loyal customers, you must know the type of information consumers desire from you.

Your Story

What is your product’s story?

You know the history and process behind your product, but consumers may not. You know what is different about your ingredients, but consumers may not understand how they vary from the competition.

These differences are your story.

Consumers want a story, because it makes a product appear more authentic. It makes consumers feel like they have just discovered something truly unique; something they can get behind.

Companies know their backgrounds, but unless consumers know the details they lack the connection to the product they actually need. Give them the story.

 Members Only

Are consumers able to feel like they are a part of your community? Do you have a community?

Even though much of the modern-day consumer experience takes place online, we can still create a special community that gives consumers a feeling of being on the inside. Like they are a member of your digital club.

How do companies create and nurture their own club? By fostering a sense of community that is consistent across digital marketing channels and in-store experiences. Asking questions, responding to comments, and developing the packaging and POS to align with digital initiatives is key to establishing a thriving community.

Exist to Serve

How are your current business processes serving consumer needs? Do your customers feel like they are being taken care of every step of the way?

It is not enough anymore to sell a quality product; consumers want a quality experience as well. They desire communication that is genuine and transparent. They want interactive features that help them use your product, like how-to videos or recipes, suggested uses and even complimentary products that enhance purchases they have already made.

It may seem obvious that consumers want great service, but many companies are caught up in automation that creates greater efficiencies yet strips consumers of the thoughtful, personal service they need to become loyal customers.

What are some other ways you can distinguish your product from a commodity? Talk to us about how to launch your digital marketing campaign or enhance an existing one.