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Digital Marketing: Why You Can’t (And Shouldn’t) Do It Alone

By January 22, 2016 No Comments

Digital marketing is not a DIY activity.

It’s not to say that you don’t have the motivation to develop a digital strategy or the diligence to maintain a marketing plan.

No, what most companies pursuing a digital transformation lack is not ambition (you are committing to a very large, very considerable transition, after all); it is the awareness of what a digital campaign really demands.


When working with our clients, we often find they have assigned the digital marketing tasks to staff who have some level of skill in graphic design or copywriting. While this may have worked with traditional marketing campaigns of the past, the digital space presents unique opportunities that deserve greater consideration.

Technology has created more opportunities for companies to expand into the digital space, to reach customers earlier in the buyer journey, and to influence consumers with messaging on multiple devices and in various formats. All of these developments have introduced more sophisticated tools and processes, and many companies are finding their skills fall short when it comes to integration.

To assure your long-term success, you should consider connecting with a digital marketing team that specializes in developing and maintaining these campaigns.

Instead of charging in-house staff with learning and applying these new skills, you can have the designers, copywriters, coders, programmers, analytics and marketing strategy professionals perform these jobs on your behalf.

You can continue to fulfill your role within the company, while ensuring your business decisions and outcomes are defined – and refined – by people who dedicate their expertise to your digital communications.


Most of us already have a full-time job. From CMOs to customer service representatives, everyone has an important role in the company. Most likely, you are not seeing value in assigning digital marketing duties to those who are not intimately familiar with them. They neither have the time nor – as mentioned above – the expertise to deliver the kind of ROI you need from your marketing activities.

The decision to outsource these tasks to a digital marketing specialist is a smart one. You not only focus your time on the work you do best, but you also allow your in-house staff to focus on their areas of expertise, too.

We all want to make the most of our time at work, so that we can enjoy the time we are away from it.

Return on Investment

With digital marketing, you have more opportunities to define important metrics and measure their performance over time. Often, we find clients have access to data and analytics, but they lack the time and/or talent to apply these findings to future marketing initiatives.

For example, when companies integrate social media into their online strategies, they may see the number of fans growing and consider their efforts successful. However, they may not be analyzing engagement or reach each month, which empowers them to do more of what is working and less of what is not.

It is difficult to improve your marketing efforts if you do not have the time or skills to evaluate their effectiveness. And if you cannot improve, then you have a hard time justifying your marketing or ad spend to leadership and/or stakeholders. Most importantly, you fail to see new customers, more profits, and business growth in general.

As you can see, while digital marketing presents your company with new and exciting opportunities, it also requires a new approach to developing and deploying a successful campaign; one that invests in the expertise and time required.

It appears that even in the digital space, it takes a village.

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