Landing Pages That Land Sales

By September 4, 2014 No Comments

It is a natural instinct to try and want to share everything about your company with your clients. The problem comes when you try to tell everything good about your company on the landing page of your website, it overwhelms your customer, and comes across as white noise.

Overwhelming your website visitor sends them fleeing from your website, and looking elsewhere for services or products you could have sold them. Simple and to the point is the best. A business owners needs to think critically about how their business’s content is presented online.

Just as not enough content can make it so that you are never found, to much content can scare away your customers. A simple twenty word blurb about what your company does and another twenty words about why it matters to your website will look approachable and readable to your website visitors. Twelve paragraphs explaining your entire global market superiority and the corporate infrastructure that makes your company competitive, is not going to be approachable, and will go unread.

Try to structure your website so that your site visitors can easily see how your content is organized, and how they can instantly get to the exact content they are looking for. Making your visitors work to get to information is not going to be effective in a web medium. Keep your landing pages simple and to the point.