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The Linchpin for Digital Marketing Success

By April 4, 2016 No Comments

Data. Devices. Channels. Technologies. Fragmentation. Is your head spinning yet?

Lots of businesses are excited about what the digital transformation means. It’s the implementation that can be downright confusing.

As customers shift behaviors and preferences and new advertising opportunities become available, businesses are faced with thinking about how to do business differently. Smarter, efficiently, and much more effectively. It’s an uphill battle for some, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Why You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy

Businesses that want to be successful in digital marketing need to begin with a strategy. It’s the only thing that can connect your audience with messaging with technology with data…with results.

You see, a digital marketing strategy helps you get from point A to point B, using the million points of data in between. It helps you refine your audience, create messaging that resonates with that audience, determine which channels and context to deliver it in, and continually measure the effectiveness of that messaging over time.

Right now, there are between 1,200 and 5,000 new advertising and marketing technologies, depending on who you ask. Every time a new channel or device is introduced to the market, a fledgling technology is created to address it. How will you know which technologies are right for your business?

The answer is, with a digital marketing strategy.

Making the digital transformation is an exciting process, but it demands that you bring together all of the data you know about the audience, which devices they use, which channels to reach them, and which technologies can help you do that. After all, digital marketing is a multi-channel approach to communicating with customers who now hold the power to decide when, where, how and why they want to connect with you.

The strategy ensures you can be there, in those moments, with relevant content that resonates with your audience – whether you want to increase brand awareness, engage potential customers, or sell more product.

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