AdWords’ Location Extension Display Ads are the Best Thing to Happen to Local Businesses

By April 14, 2017 No Comments

Recently Google announced a big upgrade for AdWords users who also happen to be local businesses: Location Extension Display Ads. Available now in your AdWords account, the new location extension ad format increases the value of PPC for advertisers and mobile users alike.

Let’s take a look at what this new feature means for businesses looking to grow foot traffic in their local areas.

What is the Location Extension?

In simple terms, a location extension is an option in AdWords. It allows you to add your store location to any of your ads on the Google Display Network. When you use this feature, your ad will include a map so users can easily find you or get directions to your store (or other physical location, if don’t have a “store”).

Location Extension Display Ad on Mobile Device

Location extension display ads feature a map, store hours, and other information about local businesses.


According to their announcement, Google added this feature for a very good reason: “In early testing, advertisers saw an increase in clicks to their business, with 60% of clicks on the extension related to directions or store information.”

Location extension display ads are shown to users who are nearby your location and to users who show interest in your business location. And because they’re on the display network, your ads can be seen across relevant apps and browsers. If a user browses a kids’ toy blog, for instance, your ad for kids’ furniture may very well display on their device.

How Can You Start Using Location Extension Display Ads?

You can use the location extension just as you would any of the other extensions, like the call extension (where users can call you directly from the ad) or the app extension (where users can download an app from the ad). Simply add the location extension to your account, campaign or ad group levels, and your ads can show up across web pages and apps with themes relevant to your keywords.

Google confirmed that some display ads are automatically converted to location extension display ads, including text ads, responsive ads, and 300×250 image ads. You can opt-out if you don’t want your location included in your ads.

Local businesses that want to drive additional traffic to their stores should seriously consider adding the location extension to their display ads. Not only is it more brand exposure, but it also increases the likelihood of generating more business as you turn online activity into offline sales.